A Brave Woman and an Aggrieved Town

Photo Credit: Anadolu Agency

Pohot Credit: Anadolu Agency

Majd al-Chourbaji, A Syrian nonviolent activist, received the International Women of Courage Award in a ceremony at the U.S. State Department on March 5th. During the same week, her people in the town of Darayya knew that many of their detainees at Al Mazzeh Air Force Intelligence centre were killed under torture. The killed detainees’ pictures were leakedincreasing the sorrow between the Syrian people in general and the people from Darayya in particular. And Majd’s story is not that different.

In this interview, Majd tells her story, a story of a couple, a country and a revolution. She says that she participated in the peaceful protests in Darayya in 2011 and her husband highly encouraged her and participated in different peaceful activities as well.

On December 31, 2012, Majd says, and while she was crossing a checkpoint in Darayya the security forces detained her because they found a book for Qaradawi in her car which was left there for long time. Her husband hurried to the checkpoint to help her and they detained him as well.

She was released after seven month. Trying to get news about her beloved husband, she kept asking about him. And in August 2014 they confirmed his death to her. she received all his personal belongings, “even the wedding ring”, Majd says.

I can summarize the informaiton in this short interview but I can’t summarize the feelings and the deep meanings behind it. That’s something you can get thru Majd’s voice only. When you watch the interview don’t just read the subtitles, watch her eyes, listen to her voice and feel her story, a story that happened and happens almost on a daily basis with a different Syrian family. Those grievances need justice, and without justice there will be no peace.