Abu Abdulaziz Al Qatari’s body in Ma’arouf’s well

Masar Media has produced this video about the Syrian Revolutionary Front (SFA) and its leader Jamal Ma’arouf. In November 2014, Al Nusra Front and Jund Al Aqsa decisively defeated SFA and Ma’arouf fled to Trueky.

I am not sure if Masar Media is affiliated with Al Nusra Front, but I am sure it’s close to it and to Jund Al Aqsa in particular. Masar’s Twitter and Youtube accounts were created on December 11th 2014, and its Facebook page has only 20 Likes. Apparently Masar was created to publish some videos without risking the account to get suspended. That is why it defines itself as a revolutionary media whiteout linking itself to any jihadist groups. So far, Masar has published only two videos and they target FSA and its leader Ma’arouf.

It is a vital part of Al Nusra strategy to attack its opponents on the social networks and publish what it calls crimes against Jihad and Jihadists. In this video, Masar accuses Ma’arouf of killing the founder of Jund Al Aqsa Abu Abdulaziz Al Qatari and throwing his body in a water well.

The video interviews people as witnesses on Ma’arouf crimes, and at the end it shows extracting the body of Abdulaziz AlQatari from a well. The video was published on March 5th, 2015. I expect them to publish videos about Hazzm Movement as well in the future and accuse them of similar issues to justify their battles against them.

Hazzm dissolves itself after clashes with AlNusra (Qaeda)

After days of bloody clashes with Jabhat Al-Nusra (Al Qaeda affiliated group) Hazzm Movement dissolved itself and joined Aljabha Alshamiya (Levant Front).

Logo of Hazzm Movement

Logo of Hazzm Movement

The tension between the two groups started six months ago and increased sharply in the last couple of weeks when Al Nusra accused Hazzm of abducting four of its leaders. Then Al-Nusra declared an open war against Hazzm Movement and heavy clashes took place near the town of Al-Atareb in Aleppo province (30 KM west of Aleppo city).

Al-Atareb town was one of the first towns to revolt against ISIS in January 2014 and forced ISIS fighters to leave the town.

Hazzm Movement in an alliance of opposition armed groups and backed by the US and the west, and they were equipped with BGM-71 TOW anti-tank guided missiles.

Al-Nusra is aggressively trying to dominate northwestern Syria to establish its emirate. It will keep fighting the moderate groups one after one.