UAE lists groups in Syria as terrorists

UAE designated about 80 groups as terrorist groups. 25 of them operate in Syria. With a closer look, we can find that those 25 groups fall into three main categories:

  • Ahrar Al Sham and its affiliates, Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates (Qatari-backed, about 65% of the groups)
  • Qaeda and its affiliates
  • Pro-Assad Shia Militias (Two groups. Lebanon’s Hezbollah was not listed)

The detailed list with short clarifications:

  1. Ahrar AlSham Movement
  2. Omar bin AlKhattab Battalion (Ahrar Alsham Affiliated)
  3. Al Shayma’ (Ahrar Alsham Affiliated)
  4. Abdulla bin Mubarak Battalion (Ahrar Alsham Affiliated) 
  5. Sufian Althawri Battalion (Ahrar Alsham Affiliated) 
  6. Ibad Alrahman Batalion (Ahrar Alsham Affiliated)
  7. Abu Bakr Al Siddeeq Company (Ahrar Alsham Affiliated)
  8. Kawafel Alshuhada Battalion (Ahrar Alsham Affiliated)
  9. Abu Omar Battalion(Ahrar Alsham Affiliated)
  10. Shahba Battalion (Ahrar Alsham Affiliated)
  11. Tawheedn wl Ieman Battalion (Ahrar Alsham affiliated)
  12. Sariet AlJabal Battalion (Ahrar Alsham affiliated)
  13. Al Haq Battalion (Ahrar Alsham affiliated)
  14. Talha bin Obaid Allah Company  (Ahrar Alsham affiliated)
  15. Muslim Brotherhood
  16. Al-Tawhid Brigade (Ties with Muslim Brotherhood)
  17. Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS/ISIL)
  18. Al Nusra Front (Qaeda Affiliated)
  19. Alkhadraa Battalion (The green battalion) (Al Qaeda Affiliated)
  20. Abdulla Azzam Battalions (Qaeda Affiliated)
  21. Abu Zar Alghafari Battalion
  22. Ahrar Shummar Battalion
  23. Ka’ka’ Battalion
  24. ِAbu Fadl al-Abbas Brigade (pro-Assad)
  25. Ammar Bin Yasser Brigade (pro-Assad)


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