Angry pro-Assad demonstration in Homs

This Wednesday, October 1st 2014, two car bombs exploded near a primary school in Ikrimah, Homs. Ikrimah  is an Alawite dominated neighbourhood and the bombs killed over 50 people, most of them children.

On Thursday, a protest took place in Ikrimah showed how the pro-Assad communities are worried and distressed. One of the signs was “we swear, we won’t forget, we won’t forgive” “Home is wounded and your silence is a scandal”. Those signs were not against an opposition group, however, they were against the people the demonstrators blame for not protecting the pro-Assad community. Another sign demanded the governor of Homs, Talal Barazi, to resign.


The demonstrators became angrier. In the footage below people chant “people want the governor to be dismissed” which remind us of the famous slogan of the revolutions “people want…”. Then they start to tell the interviewer why they are angry:

  • None of the state owned TV stations mourn
  • Our children are only numbers
  • If we respect the Syrian people who have been resisting for four years, the minister of interior should resign, the minister of eduction should resign and the governor should be dismissed, the security committee should be changed.
  • If they were children of an official things will be different, but because they are our children no one cares.
  • We want the security committee to be sued

This scene was not normal in the last three years. This is the first time I see pro-Assad people angry of the officials this way. Let’s see if this is going to become a trend or just one incident.